Our signature rayon crepe line is a locally produced, made in Southern California collection.

Our combination of styles and fabrics are made in very exclusive, small batches, sometimes in as few as one of a particular size and color.

Much of our fabrics are locally sourced deadstock. Deadstock is unused fabric overages from designers stored in clearing houses. We up-cycle this fabric to make small runs of specialty styles. We also use some of our own specially designed exclusive prints. Each piece is touched by 6 different sets of hands- all from other local small family run business.


Our designs are exclusively done by our owner and designer, Theresa Johnson.

Pattern Maker:

We work with a veteran pattern maker where we dream and design.

Sample Maker:

We then make a first sample out of the pattern to see how our dream manifested. We check for design and fit of the new style.


Next, we work with a specialist in sizing so every style fits just right.


Our cutter is specifically trained to work with our fabric and cut each garment along the grain to give each style maximum movement.


Our sewers are extremely detail oriented and sew each individual garment to our specification.

We ONLY sell direct to consumer at our flagship store and online at steviesister.com.

This line is a labor of love from me to you. I hope you enjoy it.


Theresa Johnson