Of course we all want to be special! Here's some of the reasons why we feel Stevie Sister is different:

Direct to Consumer Brand

We only sell our clothes through our own flagship store and online. By avoiding the traditional wholesale model, we can bring new products to market in 30 days as opposed to 6 – 9+ months for most designers. And by avoiding retail markups, we can add really cool, unique features and embellishments to our pieces and remain competitively priced. We are also able to do much smaller production runs, often manufacturing less than 30 pieces of a given style/color.

Exquisitely Made in USA

Virtually all of our clothing is manufactured in Southern CA at family-owned businesses. By working with local facilities, we maintain tight control over quality while ensuring our suppliers practice fair and safe labor. We also avoid the environmental impact of importing product from thousands of miles overseas.

Sustainable Fashion

The majority of our clothing is made using deadstock- unused, surplus fabric that would otherwise head to landfills. We search through thousands of rolls of deadstock fabric each month to find amazing prints that we can re-purpose into beautiful, vintage-inspired clothing. If we aren’t using deadstock, at minimum we try and stay away from fabrics such as polyester which is made out of nonrenewable fossil fuels (i.e. oil). Yes, polyester is alot cheaper, but it’s also kind of gross. Who wants to wrap themselves up in a petroleum-based fabric?

Giving Back Through Our P3 Promise

Our P3 Promise is simple: For each Stevie Sister item purchased, we will provide a meal for a hungry family (people), plant a tree (planet), and provide a meal for a shelter animal (pets). As part of the Stevie Sisterhood, we believe in investing in our children, our environment, and our little furry friends. More...