Woman's Romper: 5 Reasons Why StevieSister Loves The Romper Craze

May 23, 2017

Woman's Romper: 5 Reasons Why StevieSister Loves The Romper Craze

  1. Rompers are the perfect pick for those days you don’t know what to wear. A quick one and done grab is all you need to have a perfectly coordinated outfit with little effort. Set it off with a hat or statement jewelry and you’re good to go.

 Lindsey Romper: Flower Spur


2. Rompers offer a flattering shape to any body type. Rompers usually have an elastic waistband that hit at the smallest part of a woman's figure giving you the curves that turn heads.

Lindsey Romper: Railroad Strip 


3. They’re classic, perfect to toss on for any occasion.

Stephanie Romper: Buttercup


4. They’re versatile, go from casual to chic. Having a go-to piece to take from work to workin’ it is a closet staple. It's as simple as adding a few accessories such as a statement necklace or sun hat.

Maren Romper: Champagne Shore


5. Comfort. Some of our favorite rompers are made with a flowy feel and soft silhouettes, making it an easy comfy choice.

Lindsey Romper: Pink Bud

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