Spring Looks from 3 of our Favorite Influencers| $200 Giveaway!

Billowy dresses, mixed floral prints, and statement sleeves! Three of our favorite local Southern California bloggers , Kelly from She's a Full on Monet, Christine Kong from Dailykongfidence, and Evelyne from Everything Evelyne show us some of their favorite pieces from our spring styles just arriving. Follow our story along. It ends with a $200 giveaway so you can add a new spring sleeve style to your new collection as well...

Christine is wearing the ModGoddess Boho Dreams Dress This button front off the shoulder dress is perfect for a Sunday brunch or an easily packed  addition to your next vacation. The billowy sleeves have a thin lace inset and the skirt has a double  ruffle flounce. Oooohlala!

Christine Kong   Spring Look | Giveaway

Kelly is wearing the ModGoddess Blossom Smocked Midi Dress. Mod Goddess is a curated collection of dresses, blouses and loungewear which is reminiscent of a designer brand but with much prettier price points (so you can save the rest of your dollars for some cute new earrings and some spendy sandals:). Kelly's dress is a retro vintage print with smocking detail and pretty cinched sleeves. It also has "layers" in the pattern another strong dress trend for Spring 2020.

Kelly CastilloBlog Hop with Stevie Sister: Spring Sleeves + Special Giveaway worth $200!

Evelyne is wearing the Mod Goddess Floral Peasant Blouse . We love this blouse for so many reasons! The large and small mixed floral prints separated by lace detailing, the tassel drawstring neckline and the full flouncy sleeves all make it an effortless pretty look for so many different occasions. Whether you give it a little front tuck to accentuate your adorable belt or just leave it out over a pretty ivory skirt this silhouette is a fan favorite. 

 Everything Evelyne “Blog Hop Giveaway”


How to Enter the $200 Stevie Sister Spring Sleeves Giveaway!

  1. Comment below why you want to win Stevie Sister gift card.
  2. Follow all 4 of these Instagram accounts:
  3. Bonus entries: tag friends on the $200 Giveaway feed post on Instagram. Each blogger will have a stagnant post in their feed you can comment on. Tag friends for additional entries. Each tagged friend counts as 1 entry.

Giveaway Details: Stevie Sister is giving away a $200 gift card to one lucky winner to spend in the store or online. Winner can share their styled outfit on Instagram stories and tag us for a chance to be featured on our page! Participants can enter nationwide, and will be announced on our Instagram @steviesisterofficial on March 3, 2020 at 12pm PST.

Tell a friend and Good Luck! 

XX~Theresa | Stevie Sister owner




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