Sister Act

We met for lunch in Laguna Beach with our favorite sisters Rachael and Natalie Dickens, the creators of Style Report Magazine. Over lattes and yummy food, we discussed all things fashion and Fall. Read more to get to know just how these sisters became the successful business women and fashion experts they are today.


SS: How and when did you first start OC Style Report? 

R: I had the idea for OC Style Report for quite a while. Natalie was at school in Paris at the time, so I asked her if she’d want to work on creating an online digital magazine with me when she arrived home. She seemed really excited about the idea. Natalie thinks very strategically. I knew this would compliment our partnership. She is also very responsible, if you say this needs to get done, she’ll make sure it gets done. I knew that my dear friend and sister would be the perfect partner because of who she is.  

N: I was living in Paris, and Rachael and I were Skyping one day and she told me about her idea for an online magazine and I was like, “Yes!! Absolutely.” I came home at the end of May 2012 and that’s when we started getting everything ready. We were using friends as models, using our own clothes, just building the website, and then we officially launched OC Style Report in early September 2012. 


SS: Did you both plan to always work as sisters?

R: No, not necessarily…

N: Well, my very first job was working in Rachael’s boutique. She used to own boutiques, so at 16 years old, I lived in San Diego but would drive up on the weekends to work for her. I knew I was going to be going to school in Orange County so I moved up here and still worked in her stores. Once the stores closed, we both went back to working in the retail industry. I decided I wanted to move to Paris so I decided the best way to do it was to go to school there. However, once Rachael called me, I was excited about moving back to Orange County and working as partners with her. When I was previously working in Rachael’s boutique I was working for her. Whereas, Style Report Magazine is more along the lines of being partners. I don’t think we ever planned we would own a business together, but it just happened and it worked out!

SS:  What is a typical day in the life of Natalie and Rachael of Style Report Magazine?

N: A typical day…Can I tell you more of like a typical week? Monday is normally a morning coffee meeting where we strategize what we need to accomplish for the week. Depending on what time of the month it is, we may also be working on our editorial calendar.

R: Our general week looks very similar. Like Natalie said, at the beginning of our week we strategize, and then once we’ve finished strategizing, our job separation comes in. Usually, I’m doing photo editing, writing and getting ready in a creative way for the next photo shoot. Natalie is doing constant reach outs to people who want to do collaborations. She also works with all of our advertisers to make sure that everything’s organized.

N: I work a lot on the back end of the website, editing any written articles. A lot of my time also consists of communicating with current and potential new clients.

SS:  Aside from the work aspect of your days, what’s more of your own personal routine?

R: If it’s a daily routine, I get up, make myself a cup of coffee, sit down at my computer, and start working. After I get some of my work done, I’ll go for a run, come back, and start working again. Natalie then comes over at 9:00.

N: I wake up, I work, I drive over to Rachael’s, and then I work more. Oh! Well, Mondays I Zumba at 5:30.

R: To be perfectly honest, Natalie and I work regularly 10+ hour days. We both get up really early. I had to have her come over at 9:00 because she was coming over at 7:00 and we realized we didn’t have one ounce of time to do anything for ourselves. We’re workaholics; we’re two women who do the job of like fifteen people.

SS: How would you explain your own personal style?

R: My personal style is pretty simple. Over all, I’m pretty much a minimalist. However, I love all things bohemian so I kind of strip bohemian things down to work. Spring/Summer season I love gauzy texture and a little bit of flowyness. In the Winter, I get a lot more edgy. I like forward shapes and solid colors. I also love leather, trend denim, and trendy shoes. Things that are a little bit different I kind of look at and think, “Oh I don’t think the average girl is going to grab that, I’m going to do that.” But really, at the end of the day, because I’m behind the lens taking pictures and I work from home, I’m really a jeans and t-shirt girl. I love fashion and high fashion, but overall I’m a minimalist at heart.

N: I feel like I’m either in high waisted pants of some sort and a crop top… or a jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits.

SS: Are you excited for the new Stevie Sister Jumpsuit?

N: Yes! I often say, If I had 365 jumpsuits I would wear one every day of the year.

R: She called me and goes, “Stevie Sister has a jumpsuit coming out and I already want it!”.


SS: What Fall trends are you most excited for?

R: This is the funny thing about trends… I think if you’re a true lover of fashion, there really aren’t any “trends.” If you look every year at the September issue, everything is very similar, but something just might be more popular one season or another. For Fall though, I do love boots. That’s what I invest in the most, a good pair of boots. I also love beautiful sweaters, and just great pants. I look at what the color of the moment is as well, in case it is something that I love, but there’s nothing specific this season that I’m like, “Oh my God I have to have it!”. However, I do love all the white shoes!

N: We’re loving red as a statement color, especially in things like boots. Also, one of our most recent editorials was metallic, which is also a big trend this season. I love incorporating metallic into your everyday wear, it doesn’t just have to be for a night out.

 R: Suiting is also really huge this season! However, I’m all about pulling that apart. I feel like the average southern California gal isn’t going to wear a full suit out and about during the day. Instead, just throwing a blazer on something can make it look like you’re kind of into that trend but not necessarily. At the end of the day, it comes down to choosing great silhouettes that work for your body and that’s what we do.


SS: What are your favorite Stevie Sister pieces?

N: I really love Stevie Sister because so many of the outfits and pieces can be worn so many different ways. One of my favorite pieces is part of a matching set that I got, the Flirty Flounce top in the Tuberose. I cannot get enough of it. Like I mentioned before, I love crop tops so I pair it with jeans, high waisted slacks, or together as a set. Also, I saw a little sneak peak of a Spring Stevie Sister jumpsuit! I’m really excited for it to come out because I’m going to have to get myself one…in multiple colors. 

R: Some of my favorite Stevie Sister pieces would probably be the new pants that just came out, the Candace Capri and the Tessa Trouser. I love that the Tessa Trouser is high waisted. I think it’s brilliant that it has just a little bit of elastic in the back; I just love that. I love all the prints it comes in as well. Oh and the Darla top! It’s perfect because you can tie it and have it loose or you can wrap it and make it tight. You get two shirts in one out of it. Also, I love these little lace-up Lanie blouses. I think they’re so cute and they’re perfect with jeans. You can wear it to Sunday funday and then Monday to the office, and there aren’t many things you can do that with.


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