Bohemian Clothing: Made in America

At a time of fast and faster fashion, it’s rare to find garments labeled  “made in the U.S.A.” Although these finds are few and far between, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Since inception, Stevie Sister has arranged to create collections stateside, which has made an incredibly rewarding impact on the quality of our pieces and added value to our shopper experience.

As the “made in America” trend spreads through our industry and across others, we are proud to have spent the last decade establishing a localized creative process. "We like to manufacture our clothing in Southern California because we love working with family-owned businesses and helping to support our local communities. We also are able to maintain stricter control over quality and bring our products to market faster compared to overseas productions." - Theresa Johnson, Owner of Stevie Sister 

In doing so, we've partnered with some of Socal’s finest manufacturers that help us bring our bohemian style ideas and soft silhouettes to life.

With that said, in celebration of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, we decided to round up some of our fave Stevie Sister pieces. Not only can you flaunt your patriotic pride, but you'll be looking chic AF doing it!


Mix and match our boho vibes with the all-American girl look for the perfect 4th of July outfit. 


Julia Dress

Darla Blouse and Tessa Trouser 

Kassy Romper

Claire Blouse

Alex Blouse

Lacey Maxi

Alex Blouse



Size Charts


These sizing charts are only a guide and actual size and cuts may vary between styles and brands. If you have any questions about sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find the size that is just right for you.