Our Story

Imagined and brought to life in Newport Beach, California.

A mix of flirty, soft silhouettes in romantic florals and trendy prints. It's lace-up details, ruffles, and high slits for the girly, playful, feminine side in all of us. It celebrates being a girl and all that it means.

After years of being a boutique owner, Theresa Johnson has designed a line that is a vintage inspired collection of contemporary body styles. “When I first opened my store, lines like Alexander Brown, Marika Naak, and TT Mar were all the rage. My whole store was full of printed rayon crepes and I loved it. I am so glad that vintage-inspired fabrics are trending again.”

“I want Stevie Sister to be “flowy, sexy femininity,” says Theresa, “but still comfortable like wearing your favorite t-shirt.”

“The daily trials you come across as you run your own business are muted by the reward of creative expression and having a flexible schedule to make sure that my family is always my priority.”


What’s In A Name?

“Choosing a name wasn’t easy…

I wanted a name that made me feel something when I said it or heard it.
At first I pulled together names of fictitious people that sounded glamorous or kind of cool and trendy. But I couldn’t identify with them. There was no emotion or meaning behind them.

I believe when most people think about what is important in life they think about family or friends so close to us they feel like family. When life gets tough, they are the people we turn to help protect the silver lining. The people who get as excited as we do when we tell them our “next big plan.” They are our biggest fans. They help us feel loved and self-confident and maybe even a little bit invincible some days.
I am blessed in this life to have a close family and friends close enough to call family. And, yes, a brother named Steve.

This line is dedicated to them and to others finding them…”

– Theresa

Size Charts


These sizing charts are only a guide and actual size and cuts may vary between styles and brands. If you have any questions about sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find the size that is just right for you.